An area of charming landscapes, such as the beautiful picture that nature has bestowed on this place, is a place of golden prayer for a time. In addition to landscapes, people, historical sites. Hue is also famous and known for its extremely diverse, rich culinary culture, attracting customers from near and far whenever visiting and enjoying food.

Keep something very Hue – “Banh Khoai Hong Mai

In that culinary treasure, Hue’s favorite cake is known as a royal dish. If anyone had once visited it would be difficult to refuse this delicacy, there was a gourmets once said: “Visiting the ancient capital without eating Banh Khoai is like not knowing Hue …” And maybe few people know that the famous “Banh Khoai Hong Mai” Brand is today the hard work of over 30 years.

“Banh Khoai Hong Mai”

In 1986, the time was very meaningful, marking the birth of the Brand. “Banh Khoai Hong Mai” brand contains a simple story, written in a small house on a tree-lined street in the inner city. At that small house, there was a Hue woman, suffering, suffering, bearing the royal blood. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Mai, who laid the first bricks to build the brand of Banh Hong Mai. With the inheritance and strong development over time, the taste and quality of cake are always preserved and enhanced to meet the “taste” of your cuisine.

By the secret of the method of selecting specific ingredients to make delicious cakes and the art of making dipping sauce (broth) … Ms. Hong Mai has brought diners with a crispy, hard cake that is hard to resist and attractive. novelty and sophistication. So if anyone has once enjoyed will forever remember the taste of traditional “Banh Khoai Hong Mai“.





After visiting the Citadel, try this excellent Vietnamese place with aluminium furniture that draws a local crowd for superior versions of two local street-food classics. The banh khoai (rice crêpes filled with pork and shrimp) are crammed with bean sprouts, and the nem lui (grilled pork and lemongrass skewers) go perfectly with a chilled Huda lager.

There’s also delicious veggie and quail egg filled pancakes. Closing time can be somewhat flexible so go for lunch.

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The results of hard work with over 30 years of experience to make the best BANH KHOAI HONG MAI. Come and feel !

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